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Vietnamese Folk Art and Peasant Art is thought to have originated in the Ho Village, north of Hanoi, Vietnam.  Originated as part of  the celebration of the Lunar New Year Festiva, the villagers drew, engraved on wood and printed colorful pictures onto homemade paper to display, sell and give to others.  Scenes represented good luck, dreams come true or told simple tales.  The art was popular among village residents and brightened the walls of their homes.

This simple art from the Ho village is a model that was later used by other Vietnamese artists.  Guided by old masters and encouraged by the government, these hand-printed pictures are again a popular form.  The peasant prints are one of the only sources of popular pictorial art in Vietnam.  Some classic pictures show image of prosperity, others reflect all aspects of the people's daily life and optimism.  The prints make use of simple primary colors that are bright and lively.  Although rarely seen in the West, recently there is increased interest by collectors in these unique and charming works.


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