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Vietnamese Artists

Palm Hill, 1957, oil
Luong Xuan Nhi 1913

Luong Xuan Nhi, born in Hanoi, was a painter as well as a professor.  He helped bring western oil painting into Vietnam.  His paintings are displayed in Fine Art Museum of Vietnam, Museums in Paris, New York and Tokyo.
Nhong Market, 1960, color woodcut
Nguyen Tien Chung 1914-1976

Nguyen Tien Chung, born in Hanoi, specialized in lacquer, silk and wood cutting.  He used rural subjects and daily lives of Vietnamese as themes.
Dawn on the Farm, 1958, lacquer
Nguyen Duc Nung 1914-1993

Nguyen Duc Nung, born in Ha Tay province, was an artist and professor.  He specialized in lacquer painting and led the Vietnamese lacquer painting toward European style.  He served as Director of th Fine Arts Institute from1978-1980.
The Five Traditional Ceremonial Fruits, 1970, color wood print
Pham Van Don 1917

Pham Van Don, born in Hanoi, specialized in wood carving and wood prints.  His theme was Vietnamese traditional belief and live styles.
Thatch House and Jack Tree, 1958, lacquer
Nguyen Van Ty (1917-1992)

Nguyen Van Ty, born in Hanoi, was a famous painter in contemporary style.  He was also author of many articles on fine arts.  His work were mainly lacquer.
Countryside Market in Old Times, 1994, carved lacquer
Nguyen Trong Hop 1918

Nguyen Trong Hop, born in Hanoi, used landscape and daily life in the countryside as his themes.  He specialized in wood cutting and watercolor painting.
Red Dao Ethnic Minority Girl, 1980, silk
Linh Chi 1921

Linh Chi, born in Ha Bac Province, specialized in silk painting.  He used the theme of ethnic minorities.
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