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Vietnamese Artists

Young Girl, 1937, sanguine
Nam Son (1890-1973)

Nam Son was from Hanoi.  He specialized in oils, Indian Ink and sanguine.  His work has been displayed in the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam and the Louvre, Paris.  He studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris from 1925 to 1927.    In 1931, he won a silver medal at the Fine Arts Exhibition of Colonial Countries in Paris. Nam Son visited Japan in 1942 and painted numerous paintings there.  He started to paint in Indian Ink in 1960s

Sister Thuy - oil, 1943
Tran Van Can 1910-1994

Tan Van Can, born in Hai Phong, is one of the most outstanding painters of the first generation of Vietnam’s modern arts.  He painted in oil, on silk and lacquer. During 1958-1983, Tran Van Can served as the Head of the Fine Arts College of Vietnam.  He won numerous prizes and his painting was displayed in the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam and abroad.
Peace and Friendship, 1958
Nguyen Khang (1911-1989)

Nguyen Khang, born in Hanoi, painted in lacquer and other mediums.  He helped found the Industrial Fine Arts College in Vietnam and became Headmaster of this institution from 1962-1974.
Mother and Child  - Pastel
Le Thi Luu (1911-1989)

Le Thi Luu, born in Ha Bac province, was a woman painter from the first generation of the Indochina Fine Arts College.  She lived and worked in France form 1940.  She painted in silk using women and children theme.
Carrying Harvested Rice Home, 1961, Lacquer
Hoang Tich Chu, 1912

Hoang Tich Chu, boarn in Ha Bac Provice, is specializes in lacquer painting.  His paintings are displayed in the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, Moscow Oreintal Museum of Oriental Arts and other private collections.
Invitaiton to the Best Women Workers Selection, 1976. oil
Nguyen Do Cung, (1912-1977)

Nguyen Do Cung, born in Hanoi, established the Fine Art Museum of Vietnam in 1966.  His work were mainly lacquer and gouache.  Nguyen Do Cung was also author of many ariticles on the fine arts.
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