The Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition at the National Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand

After revisiting China in April and writing up my visit to the National Art Museum in Beijing (Art Journal: China April 2011); a few months later, in July 2011, I had a chance to view some works of Thai artists' at "The 13th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition" exhibited at the National Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.


The exhibition showcases a selection of 54 paintings by 53 artists from a painting competition sponsored by Panasonic (Thailand) Co.Ltd. This annual Panasonic art competition aims to promote art activities that will culturally enrich Thai society and to encourage Thai artists to produce meaningful works to show to the public.

From a total of 201 entries, the selected 54 pieces to be exhibited were mainly in oil and acrylics medium; with some collage art, mixed media, drawing and batik.

The 1st prize winner, Mother's Hug, oil on canvas, 200x200 cm.
Well-known experts and Thai artists on the judging committee were Prof Kamchorn Soonpongsri, Thawan Duchanee, Prof. Preecha Thaotong, Thongchai Rakpathum, Dr. Apinan Posayanon and others.

The 1st prize winner Ms.Suwannee Sarakana with her "Mother's Hug" painting (above), portrayed love and warmth within the family using oil on canvas.

The 2nd prize winner "We Together - With the Cow Pattern" by Ms.Krissadarng Intasorn reflected the forgotten local culture, using mixed media (below); and the 3rd prize winner was The Mask by Mr. Amarin Buppasiri, using oil on canvas.

The 2nd prize winner, "We Together with the Cow Pattern", mixed media, 122x180 cm.
After the show at the National Gallery Bangkok in July 2011, the exhibition was displayed in the northern city of Thailand, Chiangmai, at Chiang Mai University's Art Museum.

The 3rd prize winner, "Day and Night", Acrylic on canvas, 150x175 cm.
Most of the artworks in the exhibition this year were well-executed and displayed good craftsmanship of the Thai artists.


After walking through the show, however, I felt a little disappointed to see some of the Thai artists showed strong influence from Chinese modern art artists; for example:  the 2nd award winners, "Black Face; "The Mask No.1"; "Portrait Plastic", "Wasted" and "Girls".

2nd prize winner, "Black Face"
The 3rd winner, "The Mask No. 1"
Girls, Oil on Canvas


Some other good art works are: