Obas Vallibhakara, architect
Obas Vallibhakara, Thai architect.  Sala thai in the U.S. embassy
Thai Pavilion (Sala Thai) in The US Embassy

           If anyone has opportunity to visit the American Embassy in Bangkok, one will see two Thai pavilions that look different than other Thai pavilions in Thailand. One of the pavilion is rather small, Jaturamuk style, with its top decorated with gold paint covered almost throughout the whole pavilion. The adjacent pavillion is larger......

Concept of Design, Salathai in the U.S. Embassy

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Sala Thai in the US Embassy
The Nation newspaper, June 13, 1988
Story by Nawarat Acosta.

It was a long job and everybody pitched in with the work, But today, when HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirinhorn officially opens the two Thai pavilions on the grounds of the American Embassy, everyone will know it was a worthwhile effort.

The elegant black swans glide gracefully across the pond making a striking contrast against the structure of gold that rests on the very same waters.

Finally, a year after work began, two Thai pavilions rest majestically on the circular pond, glinting in full glory at the US Embassy grounds.

Today, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously presides over the opening of the two pavilions built in dedication to His Majesty the King's fifth cycle birthday.  The occasion will also mark the first time that a member of the Thai royal family sets foot in the US compound.
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