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  Pornchai Lerttamasiri  

Pornchai Lerttamasiri, born in 1963, is a native of Ayutthaya.  He specializes in watercolor and other special mediums, such as coffee, in the painting.  Pornchai teaches watercolor and exhibites his work extensively.  His had 17 exhibitions in watercolr and, most notably, in September 1999 in which his coffee painting were displayed, the exhibitions in Portland, Oregon, USA at the Asian Art Gallery in 1999 and 2000. . .

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   Soraya Runckel  
  Born in Bangkok, Thailand, the daughter of a noted architect/artist renown for his works on Thai architecture, Soraya developed her deep interest in drawing and painting at an early age. She paints in watercolor, pen&ink and Chinese Brush paintings. Soraya studied Chinese brush painting . . .  
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   Nikom U-aksorn  
  Trained as an electrical engineer, Mr. Nikom had always
dreamed to paint and become a professional artist. After
taking advantage of early retirement offered to senior officers at the Thai Oil Refinery, where he worked, Mr. Nikom started to dedicate his time to painting. He currently is . . .
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