Our Online Artist: Nikom U-aksorn


Watercolor and Oil Painter

>>>  Nikom U-aksorn (1948-2014)

Trained as an electrical engineer, Mr. Nikom U-aksorn had always dreamed to paint and become a professional artist. After taking advantage of early retirement offered to senior officers at the Thai Oil Refinery, where he worked, Mr. Nikom started to dedicate his time to painting. He served as President of the Thai Watercolor Association which he helped to form and is a leading exponent for the need for greater collaboration and open discussion of art and its various mediums in Thailand.

Mr. Nikom painted mainly in watercolor, however later painted more of large oil paintings.  Even though most of his skills are self-taught, Nikom has received useful advise from two accomplished Thai artists, Arjan Sawad Tantisuk and Arjan Tongchai Rukpratum. Mr. Nikom’s painting reflects his understanding of light, color and the effect of changes in light and season on his subjects. Nikom’s art depicts natural colors and a positive view of the world.

Mr. Nikom’s had one exhibition in the US at the Asian Art Gallery in Oregon. Over 30 of his works were on display during this exhibition. The paintings were scenes of places he visited and was familiar with, ranging from his own backyard to scenes in England and the U.S. The exhibition was highly remarked for the diversity of the subject matter and for the many depictions of Northwest United States scenes.



nikom U-Aksorn
Nikom in his own words about his life and his art (Oct. 2000)

Born: 1948, Nakornsrithamaraj
Education: Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. Engineer Professional: 5 years at Electricity Generating Authority Of Thailand, 22 years at Thai Oil Refinery, Thailand. Ended Engineering professional in year 2000.

" My Art,  I always remember my art enthusiasm in the old days as a young boy at about 10 years old playing with watercolor in those school class. I miss those days so much and always dream for my own painting world. I did not paint until I tried few oil paintings 27 years ago right after completion of my education from engineering school, only three oil paintings are with me now.

Two years ago my painting desire drives me again and this time I try watercolor seriously. I found that water color is not easy as dreaming in my young boy day’s, I start with advices from many professionals, I can live with my creativity in watercolor for a certain degree, but still always feel struggling with it all the time. Until late 1990, I met my two great teachers Arjan Sawad Tantisuk and Arjan Tongchai Rukpratum. They raise me up at a much higher level in art; pave me the way for a very long walk on this path and for endless learning in future.

I spent my first 25 years of my life for professional education and ended in engineering against my dream of art. I spent my second 25 years in earning for my good life and family using engineering professional very successfully. I am now 53 years old and spending my last 25 years or more with my original inner drives in art. It had been so long to reach this day, but I will have at least one third of my life for myself. It is not too bad, isn’t it? I am now concentrating on watercolor.  All my paintings were painted on location or with a model if they are a still life. I paint what I see, usually starting with my main interesting area first and then followed by other things for the whole composition. Mood will always lead me through the painting process where improvising is the main theme of using line, color and value ."