Our Online Artist: Meng Xiangshun

mengxiangshunMeng Xiangshun was born in the city of Tonghua in the northeastern part of China in 1956. Mr. Meng, influenced by his grandfather, started to paint since he was 12 years old. Tiger has become his favorite topic. Mr. Meng's tiger and landscaper paintings have won numerous awards in China. He won the first prize in the National Award with his tiger painting. Later, won the National Artists Association Exhibition Award 5 times. His paintings ranked the top 10 of Beijing Artist of Traditional Chinese Painting auction in 2004.  Mr. Meng's works were sold by Sotheby's Hong Kong, Christie's auction in Honking, auction houses and art galleries, in China and abroad. 

Mr. Meng is known as the Master of ShiHu Study (learning after the tiger). His paintings are collections of many museums in Guangzhou, Shanghai, anjing, Tianjin, Dalian, Jinan and Beijing.



His Exhibition in the USA, 2000


Zhao Wei, Yang Ye, Chen Guan, Soraya, Bai Zeliang and Meng Xiangshun
Zhao Wei, Yang Ye, Chen Guang, Luo Suya (Soraya), Bai Zeliang and Meng Xiangshun in the US.
His art show in LA; demonstration at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon; with Mayors of LA, Monterey and Alhambra, California