Our Online Artist: Liu Dawei


Lui Dawei was born in 1945 in Zhucheng, Shandong Province and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Inner Mongolia Normal University. He continued his studies at the Chinese Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts following which he studied with Ye Qianyu, Jiang Zhaohe, Li Keran, Wu Zuoren, Liu Lingcang and Huang Zhou.

Mr. Liu is now Chairman of the China Artist Association as well as Director of the Fine Arts Department at the PLA Academy of Arts plus numerous other Chinese Art Societies.

Liu Dawei is especially proficient with figure painting. Most of his paintings are well known for reflecting the daily life of the Northwest minority races of China. Many of Lui Dawei’s painting have competed in national and international art competitions where they have won over 30 awards. One of Mr. Liu’s paintings was chosen as a national gift that President Jiang Zemin gave to the leaders of Japan on his 1992 State Visit to Japan.

Mr. Liu Dawei’s paintings were listed on the 10 most expensive Chinese contemporary artists living today in Huron List in 2014.  Prices for his brush and ink works are in the six-figure range (US$). Besides Christies’ and Southeby’s, he sells many of his works at the Chinese auctions and they are very popular among Chinese collectors who are looking for combination of contemporary art in ink and brush with a traditional theme.

Mr. Liu, by virtue of his art accomplishments and his active role in the China Artist Association, has won wide acclamation as one of Chinas outstanding modern artists and as a living role model to many current Chinese painters.


Liu Dawei's Exhibition in USA, 2000

Demonstration in LA; with Mr. & Mrs. Runckel; with Mayors of LA, Monterey and Alhambra, California