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Chinese Brush Watercolor Acrylic Oil Lacquer Wood Block Sculpture
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• The 13th Panasonic contemporary Painting Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

I had a chance to view some works of Thai artists' at "The 13th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition" exhibited at the National Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.  The exhibition showcases a selection of 54 paintings by 53 artists from a painting competition sponsored by Panasonic (Thailand) Co.Ltd. This annual Panasonic art competition aims to promote art activities that will culturally enrich Thai society and to encourage Thai artists to produce meaningful works to show to the public.

From a total of 201 entries, the selected 54 pieces to be exhibited were mainly in oil and acrylics medium; with some collage art, mixed media, drawing and batik.
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A Visit with Vietnamese Art Collector, Tira Vanichtheeranont

Mr. Tira Vanichtheeranont, an engineer by training, is the owner of an amazing collection of thousands of paintings and sketches by famous Vietnamese artists.   “Vietnam News” newspaper, published in Vietnam, reported recently the story of how Tira began collecting Vientamese art works in 2006.  Now he has over 2,000 paintings and sketches by renowned Vietnamese artists, including the famous Nguyen Cao Thuong’s work, Nguyen Gia Tri, Nguyen Tuong Lan, To Ngoc Van, Bui Xuan Phai, Mai Van Nam and Nguyen Sang, and more.
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Spectacular Show of Gong-Bi Style Chinese Brush at the National Art Museum in Beijing, China

The National Art Museum of China, built in Dongcheng district in 1963, opened its doors to the public again after major renovation on April 1, 2011  The museum, as a promotion, was offering entrance free-of-charge and the exhibits featured outstanding collections of Gong-Bi style Chinese brush paintings to celebrate its reopening. The show was spectacular - with over 400 pieces of top works from thousands of paintings all over the country.  The Exhibit were chosen by Art Committees of The China Artists Association.
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