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2007 Thai Contemporary Paintings on Display at the National Gallery,
Bangkok, Thailand

This 2007 exhibition showcases a selection of 54 paintings by 53 artists from a painting competition sponsored by Panasonic (Thailand) Co.Ltd. This annual Panasonic art competition aims to promote art activities that will culturally enrich Thai society and to encourage Thai artists to produce meaningful works to show to the public.

(Picture above) 1st Award Winner: "Changing Condition in My Mind No.1",
artist: Mr. Manut Lao-On, oil on canvas, 156x176 cm.

(Picture above) "Classroom", artist: Mr. Sukit Chosri; acrylic on canvas, 140x180 cm.

(Picture above left) "Pedal a Tricycle", artist: Mr. Somphon Bunlungjakkawan;
mixed media, 120x180 cm.  (Right) "Inside Herself No.3", artist: Mr. Warawut Tourawong;
mixed media, 122x200 cm.

(Picture above left) 2nd Award Winner "Desire No.2", artist: Mr. Wanlop Meemak;
oil on canvas, 140x170 cm.  (Right) "Reaction Suddenly", artist: Mr. Chainarong Kongklin;
oil on canvas, 170x170 cm.

(Picture above) "Home", artist: Ms. Yuwanun Narasun; acrylic on canvas, 150x100 cm.

(Picture above) "Pub", artist: Mr. Boonhlua Yangsouy; acrylic on canvas, 150x180 cm.

(Picture above) 3rd Award Winner "Inner Gray Room", artist: mr. Warawut Tourawong;
mixed media, 200x200 cm.

(Picture above) "Changing Life No.2", artist: Mr. Pongsak Pooncheun;
oil on canvas, 200x200 cm.

(Picture above) "Working No.2", artist: Mr. Pattana Inchalieo;
oil on canvas, 183x123 cm.

(Picture above) Honorable mention "Work Invaded", artist: Ms. Sonntaree Chaleawpong;
weaving/mixed media, 165x200 cm.

(Picture above) Honorable mention "Effect of Civilization No.2", artist: Mr. Jessada Sungwal;
mixed media,  200x200 cm.

(Picture above) "Second Window Panel of Thamarat Phokai", artist: Thamarat Phokai;
wood/mixed media, 167x196 cm.

(Picture above) Honorable mention "Lust No. 2", artist: Mr. Waritti Paisarnjirasak;
acrylic on canvas, 200x150 cm.

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About the author:

Luo Suya (Soraya Runckel)

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, the daughter of a noted architect and artist renown for his works on Thai architecture, Soraya developed her deep interest in drawing and painting at an early age. She paints in watercolor, pen&ink, acrylic and Chinese Brush paintings. Soraya studied Chinese brush painting for 13 years. She lived and worked in Beijing, China, from 1996 to 1999. Soraya's works have been exhibited extensively, in Thailand, England, USA, Vietnam and China.

The wife of a formal Senior diplomat, Soraya has traveled extensively. Her work reflects culture and scenes of places she has been to. Her work gives positive feeling, details, and variety. In her previous exhibition in London, Soraya was noted as " artist with skill and mastery in different styles," by the London Times.

Soraya owned and operated her art gallery in the U.S., Asia Art Gallery, from 2001-2003.

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