Our Online Artist: Fan Zeng

Fan Zeng and his Art  
- One of the Greatest Artists of China

Fan ZengFan Zeng born in 1938, in Jiangzu Province, China.  Despite growing up in one of the most turbulent times in Chinese history, through perseverance he graduated from the famous Nankai University in Tianjin. He then was the head of academic programs and Lead Professor of the Oriental Culture and Art Department of Nankai University.  Mr. Fan Zeng has been a well-known artist in Asia for over 30 years. He is now considered by Chinese art circles and the Japanese to be the leading living Chinese artist.

His renown has led to the establishment of art museums focusing exclusively on his art in both China and Japan. In Japan, there are only two personal art museums for modern artists, one is for Fan Zeng and the other is for Picasso. Fan Zeng’s art works and paintings have been shown to thousands of art enthusiasts in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and other cities. In July 1998, he held one of the biggest art exhibitions ever here in Hong Kong. This exhibition titled “The Art of Fan Zeng – An exhibition of the Century” was a tremendous success. In this show, his masterpiece, “The Parade of the Beauties” was sold for HK$12,000,000. (almost 2 million U.S. dollars) This is a record and was the highest price ever paid for a contemporary Chinese painting at the time.  The exhibition was regarded as one of the most important affairs in Chinese cultural circles in years and a complete success.  Also, his works entered two of the world's largest auction houses, Southeby's and Christie's.

Fan Zeng is famous for his figure paintings. The perfect lines represent the most important traditional characteristics of Chinese painting: they are simple yet full of strength, evocative and beautiful. His drawing process is magical because of the mysterious dancing lines under his Chinese brush stroke. Mr. Fan is not only appreciated within art circles, but he also has a following among the people. His work can be seen all over the world, to include Tibet, Europe and even Africa.

As a traditional Chinese artist, Mr. Fan has also made contributions in Chinese calligraphy, poetry and literature. His paintings are a combination of the Chinese art of calligraphy, painting and poetry directly represented on the painting surface. 





Mr. Fan and my family - Beijing, China
Mr. Fan and my family in Beijing, China