Famous Vietnamese Lacquer Artists

lacquer painting by Nguyen Gia Tri
Lacquer painting, Bamboo Grove,  by famous Vietnamese artist: Nguyen Gia Tri

Nguyen Gia Tri (1906-1993)

Nguyen Gia Tri was one of the leading artists in Vietnamese Lacquer painting, especially during the years 1938 to 1944. The lacquer painting was at its height during that period. His work was carefully created and has magic beauty. Through layers of colors and the process of lacquer painting, Nguyen Gia Tri experimented with new colors such as bright yellow which gave a velvet look, and various mediums such as eggshells and precious stones.


Lacquer painting by Nguyen Khang
Lacquer painting, Peace and Friendship,  by famous Vietnamese artist: Nguyen Khang

Nguyen Khang (1911-1989)

Nguyen Khang, born in Hanoi, painted in lacquer and other mediums. He helped found the Industrial Fine Arts College in Vietnam and became Headmaster of this institution from 1962-1974.  Nguyen Khang also one of the great contributors to transform Vietnamese lacquer painting from black lacquer into modern artistic medium.


Lacquer painting by Hoang Tich Chu
Lacquer painting, Highland Rice Growers,  by famous Vietnamese artist: Hoang Tich Chu

Hoang Tich Chu, (1912- 2003)

Hong Tich Chu, born in Ha Bac Province, was specializes in lacquer painting.  He was a graduate from the Fine Arts College of Vietnam.  Even though he used various medium, including graphic arts and oil, he is famous of his lacquer art and later taught at the College.  His paintings are displayed in the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam,  Moscow Oriental Museum of Oriental Arts and other private collections. 


Vietnamese Lacquer Painting by Nguyen Duc Nung
Vietnamese Lacquer Painting, Sawn at a Farm, by famous artist Nguyen Duc Nung

Nguyen Duc Nung (1914-1993)

Nguyen Duc Nung, born in Ha Tay province, was an artist and professor. He specialized in lacquer painting and led the Vietnamese lacquer painting toward European style. He served as Director of the Fine Arts Institute from1978-1980.  His works are displayed at the Vietnam Fine Art Museum and the Moscow Museum of Oriental Arts.


Lacquer painting by artist Huynh Van Gam
Lacquer painting, Miss Lien,  by famous Vietnamese artist Huynh Van Gam

Huynh Van Gam (1922-1987)

Huynh Van Gam was born in Chau Thanh district, Long An Province.  He graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Art de l'indochina in 1945.  In 1944, he won the Salon Unique Competition prize during his school year, and later on in 2000, he was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize of Literature and Art.   His work of revolutionary art have great impact on Vietnamese Art during that time. Huynh Van Gam was also the first Editor of "Art Magazine" in Vietnam. 


Lacquer painting by Dang Tin Tuong
Lacquer painting, Construction Site (1979), by famous Vietnamese artist: Dang Tin Tuong

>>> Dang Tin Tuong  (1945 -       )

Dang Tin Tuong was born in Binh Giang of Hai Duong Province. He was a graduate of BA degree from Hanoi University. He is a self-taught artist with only some graphic arts courses at Hanoi Institute of Fine Arts. He once worked at the Curriculum Department of Hanoi Institute of Fine Arts as well, then from 1984 he worked at the National Workshops of Fine Arts under the Ministry of Culture. He is famous in lacquer and silk paintings and also does acrylic and watercolor on "do" paper.  His works are featured at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, the Vietnam's Government Guesthouse and The Miami Ethnic Museum in the US.
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