Our Online Artist: Dang Tin Tuong

Dan Tin Tuong, with his large lacquer painting in the background.  One of his lacquer painting was hung at the Vietnam's  State Guest House.
Dan Tin Tuong, with his large lacquer painting in the background. One of his lacquer paintings is displayed at the Vietnam's National Guest House.

Artist: Dang Tin TuongDang Tin Tuong is one of Vietnam's famous lacquer painters.  He also paints on silk and using acrylic for very large paintings.  His works are displayed at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, the Vietnam's Government Guesthouse and The Miami Ethnic Museum in the US.

Mr. Tuong was born in Binh Giang of Hai Duong Province. He was a graduate of BA degree from Hanoi University. He is a self-taught artist with only some graphic arts courses at Hanoi Institute of Fine Arts. He once worked at the Curriculum Department of Hanoi Institute of Fine Arts as well, then from 1984 he worked at the National Workshops of Fine Arts under the Ministry of Culture. He is famous in lacquer and silk paintings and also does acrylic and watercolor on "do" paper.

Dang Tin Tuong has a passionate love for his homeland in Hai Duong Province, the fertile land of the Red River Delta with many famous historical and cultural relics. Most of his paintings reveal the beauty of the country and Spring, particularly Spring in misty Sa Pa with cloud-covered mountains, simple houses-on-stilts of the Mong minority people and colorful flowers of various kinds. With a great zeal and love for painting and his homeland, Tuong is another artist who contributes something special to the Vietnamese culture.

At one period of his life, Dang Tin Tuong worked with a group of provincial painters to create some propaganda works and has became famous of large-size lacquer paintings depicting the Hon Gai Coal factory, Cua Ong Coal Harbor, construction site at Da River, and industrial production in socialist realism style.


Lacquer painting by Dang Tin TuongConstruction Site, Artist: Dang Tin Tuong
1979, size 90.3x120.8 cm. Lacquer painting, private collection|


Lacquer Painting by Dang Tin Tuong


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Dang Tin Tuong’s Silk Paintings

Silk painting by Dang Tin Tuong



Mr. Dang Tin Tuong and I were working on framing art works together
Mr. Tuong taught me how to create lacquer painting, in Hanoi, 1995.