database of Thai artists

Soraya Vallibhakara Runckel - aqua media: watercolor, acrylic, pen&ink, Chinese brush

Our Online Artist: Soraya Runckel

Soraya paints in watercolor, pen&ink, acrylic and Chinese Brush paintings. Her art works have been exhibited extensively: in Vietnam (2015, 1996), Thailand (2014, 1987), USA (2004), China (1999), and England (1991). They reflect culture and scenes of places she has been to,

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Penboon Aiew-Aksorn - oil and acrylic

Our Online Artist: Penboon Aiew-Aksorn

Born in Thailand, Penboon graduated from Silapakorn University and National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) in languages and business administration. She worked at one of the large Thai Banks for many years.  After leaving the bank, Penboon and her husband run their own successful business.  Life and interest took her to painting in oil. She took several private classes, then later on[…]

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