history, techniques and database of famous Thailand’s painters

"Benjarong" by Uab Sanasen - acylic and oil on canvas

Thai Modern Art

Thai modern art started around 1924, when Corrado Feroci, an Italian sculptor was invited to Thailand by King Rama VI ( 1910-1925). Feroci’s own name was changed to Silpa Bhirasri. He has been regarded as the Father of Modern Art in Thailand.

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Thai Ceramic

Thai ceramics are ranked among the finest in the world. Because of the small number of remaining written records, ceramics have helped historians to find out more about the history of the Thai people.

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Thai Tradition Manual Arts

The old Thai phrase, “chang sip mu”, or “ten divisions of craftsmen”, is a phase whose original usage was the name of a government department comprising craftsmen assigned to ten departmental divisions.

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