Silk painting by famous Vietnamese artist: Nguyen Phan Chanh

The Importance of the Fine Arts College of Indochina and Vietnamese painting (1925-1945)

Vietnamese art reflects a mixture of influences from China and from the French during the colonial periods.  In 1925, the Fine Arts College of Indochina, or Ecole des Beaux-Art de l’Indochine, was established by a French artist Victor Tardier in Hanoi, Vietnam. Victor Tardier himself served as the school’s first director. The school taught French style art education for the[…]

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Artist: Dang Tin Tuong

Our Online Artist: Dang Tin Tuong

Dang Tin Tuong is one of Vietnam’s famous lacquer painters. He also paints on silk and uses acrylic paint for very large paintings. His works are displayed at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, the Vietnam’s Government Guesthouse and The Miami Ethnic Museum in the US.

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Artist Dang Din Hoi

Our Online Artist: Dang Dinh Hoi

Dang Dinh Hoi uses very vivid color in his gouache painting that skillfully and elegantly incorporate themes of Vietnamese culture, with French post-Impressionist influence: of Paul Gauguin (e.g. the tilted heads) and the color influence of Henri Matisse.

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Our Online Artist: Luo Suya

Watercolor, Chinese Brush, Acrylic, Pen & InkLuo Su Ya   Born in Bangkok, Thailand, the daughter of a noted architect, Soraya developed her deep interest in drawing and painting at an early age. She paints in watercolor, pen&ink, acrylic and Chinese Brush paintings. Her works have been exhibited extensively: in Vietnam (2015, 1996), Thailand (2014, 1987), USA (2004), China (1999),[…]

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