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Watercolor and oil painting
Nikom U-aksorn

Trained as an electrical engineer, Mr. Nikom U-aksorn had always dreamed to paint and become a professional artist. After taking advantage of early retirement offered to senior officers at the Thai Oil Refinery, where he worked, Mr. Nikom started to dedicate his time to painting. He currently is the President of the Thai Watercolor Association which he helped to form and is a leading exponent for the need for greater collaboration and open discussion of art and its various mediums in Thailand. Mr. Nikom paints in watercolor and oil. Even though most of his skills are self-taught, Nikom has received useful advise from two accomplished Thai artists, Arjarn Sawad Tantisuk and Arjarn Tongchai Rukpratum. Mr. Nikom’s painting reflects his understanding of light, color and the effect of changes in light and season on his subjects. Nikom’s art depicts natural colors and a positive view of the world.

Mr. Nikom’s overseas exhibition was at the Asian Art Gallery in Oregon, USA. Over 40 of his works and prints were on display during this recent exhibition. The paintings were scenes of places he visited and was familiar with, ranging from his own backyard to scenes in England and the U.S. The exhibition was highly remarked for the diversity of the subject matter and for the many depictions of Northwest United States scenes.