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  Liu Cunhui  
  Liu Cunhui was born in Beijing in 1955 and is a graduate from the Arts Department of Beijing Education College. Mr. Liu became interested in art at a very young age and studied with the master Lou Shibai. Mr. Liu is know for his mastery of freehand style and in the representation of flowers, birds and landscapes. He is particularly known for his efforts to integrate traditional and modern styles through the use of new techniques.  

Mr. Liu has gained recognition throughout China for his effort to promote general art appreciation in China where his program on the art of brush painting is routinely aired on the Beijing TV Channel "Golden Hours" program. In 1994, his teaching was captured in a multi set series of videotapes titled "The Rudiments of Chinese Ink and Wash", which is distributed by the Chinese National Video Publishing House.

Mr. Liu is a winner of many prizes and commendations including the Golden Prizes in the 11th National Arts Exhibition in South Korea in 1993 and the 1998 Sino-Japan Art Exchange in 1998 in addition to numerous Chinese competitions. He is now a senior Professor and artist at the Beijing Education College's Chaoyang Branch.



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