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Hsu Hsi
- Southern T'ang (937-375)

Hsu Hsi, was from Nanking.  He was famous for his "drawings from life" and his use of color.  Hsu usually painted flowers, bamboo, rocks, birds, and fish as seen in nature.  This painting is typical of a class of five Dynasties court painting.

The Jade Hall Peony
ink and colors on silk

Huang Shen
(1687-1768), Qing Dynasty

Huang Shen was a native of Fukien Province.   A poet and calligrapher as well, he was one of the famous "Eight Yangchou Eccentrics".  Huang Shen followed the Yuan masters in his landscape painting. He also painted figures and Buddhist and Taoist subjects.

December Plums and Camiellia (1729)  - ink and colors on silk

Ch'en Shu
(1660-1736), Qing Dynasty

Ch'en Shu was a native of Hsiu-shui in Chekiang Province.  She was noted for her paintings of flowers, birds, insects and grasses and landscapes.  Her brush was strong ahd vigorous and possessed the spirit of the antique. This scroll was painted when she was 75 years old.

New Year's Day (1735)
ink and colors on paper

Chin T'ingpiao
(18th century), Qing Dynasty

Chin T'ingpiao was from Wu-hsing, Chekiang.  He was famous in portrait, figure and flower paintings.  He painted in lustrous tones of ink.  This painting illustrates the story of Pan Chao  the of Later Han recording the Han Documents.

Ts'ao Taku Writing the Han Documents
- ink and colors on paper

Tung Panta
(1699-1769), Qing Dynasty

Tung Panta was a native of Fuyang in Chekiang Province.  He was the President of the Board of Rites, an accomplished calligrapher and painter.  His was particularly know for his landscapes, which followed the styles of the Yuan masters.  He often used a stiff, dry brush in a free and spontaneous manner. He was also famous for his use of colors.

Kingfisher-blue Rocks and Red Trees
- ink and color on paper
by Tung Panta

Huang Chu Tsai
Sung Dynasty

Huang Chu Tsai was from Dh'engtu in Szechuan Province.  He was the son of famous Huang Ch'uan and carried his father's style in bamboo, birds, rocks and landscape.  His paintings became the standard by which early Sung academic paintings were judged.

Wild Geese and Rushes
- ink and colors on silk
by Huang Chu Tsai

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